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Growing healthy families for 50 years!

Celebrate 50 Years of WIC!

Since 1974, WIC has ensured that families nationwide have access to the critical resources they need for a healthy start. WIC has supported generations of caregivers, infants, and children by providing healthy food benefits, nutrition education, and support with breastfeeding goals every step of the way.

This year, we reflect on the efforts WIC has had on the health of California families. Together, we can build a healthier future, one family at a time.

Father with baby and pregnant couple
Breastfeeding while shopping

WIC’s Impact Over Five Decades

From the very first WIC office opening its doors in Pineville, Kentucky in 1974, to an expanded network of over 10,000 WIC offices nationwide, WIC has continued to provide support to millions of pregnant women, infants, children, and families.

Starting as an innovative two-year pilot program in the late 1960s, WIC has grown to serve nearly 6.7 million families across the nation. In using the idea to prescribe food like medicine, the program offers nutrition assistance and health support to ensure families have what they need to thrive.

Discover WIC For Your Family

Discover more about WIC, check your eligibility, or find a local office. Together, we can ensure a healthier, brighter future for California's children and families.

Healthy Foods for Your Family

Get help buying nutrient-rich food options such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk, eggs, cheese, and more.

Nutrition and Breastfeeding Tips

WIC has a team of registered dietitians, infant feeding experts, and health specialists who can provide nutrition and breastfeeding support.

Referrals to Healthcare Services

WIC offers referrals to healthcare providers, dental care, immunizations, and other health and social services.
Mother and baby

We want to meet you!

Ready to be part of WIC? Visit or call a local WIC office to get started.

WIC is here for you

If you are pregnant, recently had a baby, or have a child under 5, WIC is here to support you.

WIC is your support

Join almost one million California families in a program that promotes health and well-being.

Reach out to WIC

With WIC offices across California, and remote appointment services available, support is within reach.

California WIC by the Numbers

California WIC is the largest WIC program in the nation! We take pride in WIC’s positive impact on the health and well-being of Californians for 50 years.

1 million

Californians served per month

Helping Families and

  • California WIC serves nearly one million caregivers, infants and children per month in 84 WIC local agencies across the state.
  • Over $70 million goes into California's economy monthly through WIC Card purchases at more than 3,700 grocery stores and 64 WIC authorized farmers' markets.
More than


Children served per month

Healthy Beginnings

  • California WIC serves nearly 177,000 young babies each month!
  • With over 600,000 children enrolled, studies show WIC kids eat more fruits and vegetables. Healthy habits start early and get kids school ready.
  • Over 73,000 pregnant individuals in California get WIC support like prenatal nutrition education and foods tailored to their health needs.


Breastfeeding individuals served
per month

Nutrition and
Breastfeeding Support

  • California WIC has moved into the digital age, offering video appointments, the California WIC App, text message communication, and online nutrition classes.
  • WIC helps over 87,000 breastfeeding participants per month in California, with studies showing WIC helps families breastfeed longer.

Watch WIC Stories

Sharing how WIC has impacted your life or community inspires our continued commitment. Discover the difference WIC continues to make in the lives of California families.
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WIC Recognizes the Community Who Provide for Our Families

WIC is committed to supporting not just participants, but a network of health care providers, community health staff, farmers, and store vendors. These partnerships support WIC families' access to health services and healthy foods, and contribute to local economies, thus creating a sustainable circle of support.

Doctor and Farmer
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Celebrate With Us!

Let’s make WIC’s 50th anniversary a moment to remember across California!

Download our communications toolkit and start sharing. The toolkit has everything you need to celebrate WIC, including virtual meeting backgrounds, web banners, email signatures, and more.

To follow 50th anniversary WIC stories and posts, search #CAWIC50, or #WIC50 on social media.

Page Last Updated: March 18, 2024

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