More information for WIC families on WIC temporary infant formula options can be found at the California WIC Infant Formula Options webpage. General guidance and information for California families about WIC contract formulas can be found at the WIC Contract Infant Formulas webpage.

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Kids need healthy foods and physical activity to grow stronger, healthier, and happier. Being active with your child helps them move more, sets a good example, and can be fun for the family.

I'm Four-Let's Explore English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Fast and Healthy Breakfast Ideas English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Tips for Happy Mealtimes English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Healthy Choices for Kids English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Veggies are Yummy English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Eat Fish! English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Happy Teeth English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Calcium Tips English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Vitamin C Tips English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Vitamin A Tips English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Iron for Strong Blood English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Playing with Your 3 to 5 Year Old English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Well Fed Means Less Lead English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Lactose or Dairy Intolerance English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Is Your Child Constipated? English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Choose Less Juice, More Water English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

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