More information for WIC families on WIC temporary infant formula options can be found at the California WIC Infant Formula Options webpage. General guidance and information for California families about WIC contract formulas can be found at the WIC Contract Infant Formulas webpage.

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Taking care of yourself sets a good example for your children. See how small changes in your nutrition and health can make a big difference. At WIC, learn about nutrition, physical activity, mental health and well-being, having a healthy pregnancy, feeding your child, and many other topics.

I'm Pregnant English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Feeling Comfortable While Pregnant: English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Let's Get Moving English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Eat Fish! English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Iron for Strong Blood English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Calcium Tips English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Vitamin C Tips English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Vitamin A Tips English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Marijuana and Pregnancy English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Keep Your Food Safe English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

A Postpartum Guide to Being Healthy for You and Your Baby English (PDF)

Caring for Yourself After Pregnancy Loss English (PDF)

Ask WIC for Referrals English (PDF)

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